Ninety-nine problems but a ditch ain’t one.

Am I right? It’s like, hey, you’re alive. Despite the circumstances, you can still make right now better. But despite the freedom of the present moment, we still choose to make time to get caught up in our problems. That’s right; the big P-word. Everyone’s got them. And one of the main issues in society today is that we are all trying to fix problems rather than transcend them.

You see, when you fix something, it may still break. Any moment you may slip and it may fall, shattering to bits once more. A thousand times you may fix it and a thousand and one times it may break. It will keep you there. By trying to fix something, you are only becoming more and more entangled with it.

When you transcend something it is done forever. To transcend means to stop identifying. You realize that in order to think you have a problem, you, the formless, must be taking yourself to be some form, some little somebody. You are not in your Buddha nature, recognizing yourself as pure, untainted awareness. Instead you are taking yourself to be some limited thing. You must be under some delusion.

To transcend means going beyond the delusion so the problem no longer exists for you. And if it doesn’t exist for you, it doesn’t exist for anybody, because you were the one creating it, through your belief. So, to the surprise of most, transcending a problem does a much better job at resolving it than you trying to fix it because it works itself out. The universe takes care of it. Without the knots of your identification and constant worrying, tension is released and the problem simply dissolves.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll dissolve with it.

Peace and Love.


~ David.