The word “don’t” kills more people a year than cancer.


Not really. But it is causing mischief, and lots of it.

The bottom line is this, and I’m going to go out of my way here and use the word so brace yourselves: don’t frame your life in a negative perspective. This is a problem many people are having. When tackling the difficulties of life, we tend to go about it in a way where we focus much more of our attention on the things we shouldn’t do rather than the ones we should be doing. This probably comes from our early years and the way our parents relate to us: “Don’t do this, don’t go here, avoid him, stay away from her.” Basically we are learning to use our perceptive abilities to single out all the negative aspects of life and avoid them rather than focusing on the positive ones and gravitating towards them, and here’s why this makes a world of difference.

The mind is basic. Whether it is thinking about something in a positive light or a negative light doesn’t matter, the focus is on that thing. The way the mind perceives and the things the mind will attract will now largely be determined by that thing. It is like you have set a theme for your mind like you would on your desktop, and now everything in there looks like the thing you are trying to avoid. So if you are constantly thinking of what not to do, your thoughts, feelings and emotions will reflect the very thing you are not wanting, and you are more likely to do it now because you are putting yourself in the state that you would be in if you were doing it in the first place. See how that works?

If instead we use our perceptive faculties to focus on the things we should do, the places we should go, the people we should meet, etc etc, our entire being will align with that. The way we think and the things we gravitate towards will be shaped by that alignment, and we become the very source of the things we desire, simply by focusing on them.

Don’t misuse your power. If it is turned against you, there is nothing in this world that can save you.

But if you learn to use it, this whole life becomes your play.


~ David.