If you don’t know where you’re going in life you’re already dead.

This is the mentality that has plagued the overworked, overstressed and underappreciated generations of recent times. As soon as they can get their hands on you, society starts to push you one way without even asking if that is the way you intended to go. It is because of this that there are two major motivating forces acting on most living individuals today: the flow of the heart and the flow of society.

The voice of the heart is innocent. It is the voice of a child. It is quiet and soft, but when listened to it is the purest source of joy in creation. The voice of society is manipulative. It has an agenda. It is cunning and compelling. It is loud. It fights for your attention. It speaks over the voice of the heart, stands in front of it throwing a tantrum so that you are completely distracted from the heart. Eventually, one forgets it was ever even there.

As a member of this society, it is your job to find the stillness in you, the quietness in you. The voice of society will not stop, but one can attune one’s ears. You don’t listen to the angry man screaming on the subway. You tune him out and go about your business. It is the same here. You find your silence once again, and in it, the voice of the heart will call to you, now that it sees you are ready to listen.

~ David.