Meditation – What is it?

Many people believe Meditation is when you close your eyes, and concentrate on something, or when you imagine a different reality to escape the current one.

Meditation is neither of these, and today I will go over what exactly meditation is, how to use it to improve your life, and debunk some of the circling myths about meditation.



The Myths of Meditation

Many people have a common belief that when you concentrate on a subject or idea, you are meditating. This is a common myth, and is counter-productive in nature. Many things are called meditation, however they are more of a replacement, or tool to deal with identity related issues.


Many people have reported hearing voices, seeing visuals, and embarking on journeys while meditating. These are NOT a part of meditation. This is a lack of control – returning the mind to itself while you remain in a sense of awareness.

Deep Thinking

Likely the largest misconception of meditation, is the idea that becoming deep in thought to achieve a goal, or some sort of intent, is actually meditation. Deep thinking is almost directly the opposite of meditation. To reiterate from my previous article “How to clear the Mind”: When the mind is clear – there is more room for truth.

Digging deep into thought only results in more mud, and more identity. Stay near the surface where it is clear.


True Meditation

True meditation requires no effort, and leads to a state of thoughtless-awareness. During this state, the noise of the mind becomes irrelevant, as you have become the watcher – no longer to be the watched, able to focus on the current moment, rather than the past and spontaneous future.

During true meditation, there is no stress, as the mind has no effect on awareness itself.

What does this mean?? Meditation IS awareness. Smelling the fresh scent of grass in the morning – is a meditation. Watching yourself think – is a meditation. Hearing yourself breathing – is meditation.


Why Meditate?

Have you ever had a really long day at work? You come home, begin to relax, and then the day starts passing through your thoughts. You begin stressing. Stressing over work performance, finances, relationships etc. You are most likely stressing over the indeterminable future. You have gotten caught up in yourself, worrying, becoming anxious, even depressed.

All of us suffer our identities. We may deal with this, by watching TV, working out at the gym, or even doing drugs. We humans always tend to want to escape our life – and our identity.

What if I were to tell you, that you are escaping from something that doesn’t even exist. If you are able to escape said reality with the tools mentioned above, then you were never really IN that reality. That reality is IN YOU. Meditation is about realizing this. Realizing that your mind is within awareness, this body is within awareness, and I, I am something beyond this.

At this moment, you are true meditation.