What if I told you-you have never seen your true face?

Of course, I am talking about your faceless face. Sure, you’ve seen your carnal face, but these come and go.

You see, when someone touches your body, you feel it, and so you think, “this is me, I am here.” But when you hear something ten feet away, is that not also a form of feeling? Or when you see something a mile’s distance from you, are you not also experiencing it? So are you also not there?

Where is your boundary really? We have lived amongst beings who see themselves as bodies only and we have learned to see ourselves as that. But the truth of it is much vaster.

And you may think this is such an innocent thing. ” I am a body just like everybody else.” But it is this thing, this very assumption that you exist only within the confines of this body and the mind that functions in it that has provided endless misery for the world. All limitation, all frustration stems from this.

And it is only this, an assumption. To see through it is only a matter of looking at life through fresh eyes, untainted by the assumptions of the past.

~ David.