Attachment is the root of all suffering.

These words have echoed across the ages and eluded many. People have tried all sorts of things to try and turn this into an applicable concept in their life. But derooting suffering is simply a matter of understanding why we suffer in the first place.

We suffer every time we point our Me-ness, our identity, inward. Me-ness is meant to be pointed outward. It begins inside, as a sense of self inside the body, but it is never meant to stay there. Expansion is outward, towards the rest of creation and failure to realize this causes endless suffering.

Because otherwise you are locked in a cage, trapped like a zoo animal in your own identity. Trying to achieve happiness for yourself within the confines of your own cage, your own limitation. And ultimately it does comes from attachment. You are so deeply attached to the body and the content inside it that you won’t dare step out and explore the rest of yourself. Not realizing that the body and mind come with an expiration date, so you might as well start taking a look at the rest of the house.

Peace and Love.