Every morning you should wake up exploding in ecstasy.

At least that’s what your average, happy-go-lucky, modern positive-thinking enthusiast is going around saying these days. And while there certainly are incredible benefits to waking up, sprawling out of bed and blasting your favorite song along with the dopest dance moves you know with almost inhuman enthusiasm and commitment, it doesn’t mean there is no hope for happy mornings for those of us who wake up at more around a two than a nine.

In fact I would say, regardless of what level of animation you wake up at, don’t just get up and start your day abruptly. Go slow. Feel your body. Watch your mind. Take some deep breaths. When everything feels calm, still and sweet, then go on your way.

Watch your first thoughts and how you are identifying with them. They will transform into the rest of the thoughts you have throughout the day. The more unconscious you are of them, the more you susceptible you are to the process; the more it will take you for a ride. The more aware you are, the more you see the game for what it is. When you see it, the jig is up.

And when the jig is up, you may just find yourself one day waking up exploding in ecstasy.

~ David.