There is only this moment.

We create moments in our head other than this one. Past and future, neither really exist. They are just words, concepts, supported by memory, which we create according to our conditioning and so many things. Memory is never what actually happened. And both past and future are memory-based ideas. The future is just a projection we make in accordance with the way we have registered the past. But can you see yesterday? Where is tomorrow waiting to make its entry onto the stage?

Things go from nonexistence into Now, and then from Now back into nonexistence.Even this Now is just a collective projection, a mirage that immediately fades and gives way to another collective mirage. This whole existence is collective imagination. The Grand Cosmic Movie.


If you can simply be Here, be Present, what you consider to be your life becomes blessed and makes for a phenomenal prop in this movie; it plays its role beautifully. If presence is not possible for you, then what was meant to be a fantastic prop in the biggest hit movie of all time, will become an entangling mess for you.

You stay with the One that this whole picture is being played out for, in front of. He is the only one that never fades.


~ David.