Sheep gather in herds.


But then again, wolves gather in packs. There is nothing wrong with forming part of a crowd, but there is much to be said about the power of aloneness.

But it requires bravery. Only when one is brave does one dare to be alone. The gratification one gets from the company and the approval of others is too cunning, too secure. It is like your second earthly womb. Leaving the first womb you had no choice, but to leave the second womb, one must be brave.

Everyone around you is stuck, stuck in identity. That is why all the long faces. While you are still impressionable, if you stay there, in the crowd, you will only reflect that: their stuckness. But if you go away, settle back into the truth of your being and then return, you bring back with you a tremendous opportunity.

And by go away I don’t only mean physically. Your body may be somewhere, but you are in no need of approval or acceptance from anything or anyone there. You get enough of that from yourself. You are complete onto yourself, so the incompleteness of your surroundings does not affect you.

So go away. Physically or however you please. Harness your light. Then come back and shine it onto the world. Restore the balance of light and dark.

Complete the circle.

Love and Peace.


~ David.