Your mind is killing you.


Not really. You are Eternity itself, Awareness itself, beyond the five elements. But your mind is fixed on interpreting everything on the basis that you are a person; a fragile, delicate thing. And we believe all the nonsense our mind tells us. When life is experienced from such a limited perspective, it can become quite insufferable.

Part of Yoga is the realization that all is one. Mind is a process that develops around the idea of an individual, and so by its very nature it is illusory. Anything that is perceived through the mind is unreal because all of its interpretations are built on a false premise. Mind is much like a movie. The whole thing is a stage, the props are all fake, and the characters, even the handsome protagonist, are all fictional.

But the results are very real, at least for the body. It seems the body is the one to suffer for most if not all of the mind’s mischief. As soon as one takes on the mind’s view of one’s identity as a person, you become susceptible to so many stresses. The fragility of a person is very real in this made-up world of self and other, and so it seems every possible thing becomes a worry, a chore. Life no longer can be taken on as something to be seen, enjoyed and explored like one would a beautiful walk, but instead as something to be planned, avoided, outsmarted, defeated, conquered. Unknowingly one thrusts open the door to fear and stress. For a long time now it has been said that stress kills people. So you see the irony: the mind, which seems to be designed to preserve the individual, by nature of its false perspective, does more harm than good. What a conundrum.

So how to get out of this circle of defeat? Remain as you are, remain as the awareness only. Never take yourself to be that guy or that girl in the mind.

You’re bigger than that.


~ David.