Mindfulness – the mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment, without being reactive or distracted by the happenings around us, allowing for true freedom. Many of us think of ourselves as free persons living throughout this world, however, this is not the case in society.

Today I will go over how materialism, intent, and expectations keep us trapped in our identities, and how our identities keep us from obtaining true freedom


Giving Up On Rights

Given the date this article was written, many would just read the title, and scroll on by because: “I ain’t giving up my rights!”.

You are not born with rights. Rights are something that you have to be convinced that you have. Pretend like you have a five-dollar-bill in your pocket, and a stranger walks up and says to you: “I’ve got a great deal you! Only ten dollars and you can buy this bicycle.” The only problem, is you don’t have ten dollars – you only have the five-dollar-bill, and nobody can convince you otherwise because you know this to be true – you can clearly see that you only have five dollars. I could come by and say to you: “That five-dollar-bill is actually worth fifty dollars”. You wouldn’t believe it – but you may believe that you are born with rights.

The reality of the world is that we do not have rights. There are no “natural rights”. There is only nature. Nature does not need rights, so why should nature give them to you?

When you can give up on your rights, such as “The right to clean water”, you will become closer to the truth. Rights are an idea that a quantity of people decided that’s the way it is going to be.



Giving Up On “That’s Mine!”

Many of us use materialism to build up our self-worth, causing us to have great heartache or discontent when an object is lost, stolen, or depleted. This is because whenever we try to find certainty or security in things that change, we end up making ourselves less and less secure. This goes the same for accomplishments – we constantly reinforce the “self”, and in doing so, only create discontent. Haven’t you ever noticed, the most fun you have, is when you are not trying to impress anyone?

For example:

I gave you a basketball. I told you that you cannot leave with the basketball – it is to stay at the gym. One day, a stranger comes into the locker room, grabs your ball, and leaves to never return.

Did you ever own the basketball?

The answer is NO, and it’s simple: Nobody ever owned the basketball. A basketball simply existed – created in some factory. It crossed paths with the store that sold it, left with the person who paid for it, came into your awareness as you thought it belonged to you, but now it is gone. You see, the objects in our possession are only there temporarily, and they are not there for us, they are only there for them.