You are God.

We all are. But most of us are suffering, which is rather ungodly. Buddhist principles have always stated that the root of all suffering is attachment. So, was the Buddha on to something or was this utterance simply a reflection of the ignorance of his time?

Why do we worry? All our worries come from either the feeling that we are going to lose something or that we will fail to obtain something. So either we are attached to what we think we have or we are attached to that which we may never even obtain. And I say ‘think we have’ because, have we really taken into consideration this whole idea of possession? Even this body and all the ideas in the mind that came with it is not ours; it is a loan that the collectors might come to cash at any moment. How can anything be obtained when even what we consider to be ourselves is something borrowed?

And so it seems wisdom points to an attitude of not worrying, so that when life comes to take something from us, we are already ready to lose it, because we know it was never truly ours to begin with. When one lives like this, only then does one really have a life; only then does genuine life unfold before us. Otherwise we are simply living in a world of projections and expectations. Dreaming, living in a fantasy world which is outcome-dependent and therefore full of disappointment. And how magnificent a life to waste even a single moment on disappointment.

It seems the old Buddha may have been on to something after all.


~ David.