Daily Battles with the Ego

This day and age is riddled with challenges and battles. They are brought to the surface in order to clear up space for new experiences and patterns. The air is tense – chaotic – and we are all feeling the effects of the shifting shapes and patterns of the universe. It is unavoidable, as each and every one of us is being squeezed and rung out like a wet rag.

Most of us  want a chance to be in the spotlight, to be the center of attention. In this battle of egos, we may challenge each other and attempt to show that we are better or superior to another. As a result, this often leads to arguments or feuds with others who may have a view that we see differently.

The greatest challenge is to set ego motives aside and instead, focus on finding peace and happiness, and enjoy life as a whole.

Fighting Back

The first thing that must be done is to identify and set aside our ego desires. We must each let go of ego wants and desires  – the lust of more control, desire of the spotlight,  need for gratification. We must observe our lives from a higher state, and strive for clarity.

The key is to step back, detach and take some time to relax, breath, and clearing your mind. The truth is, this is not a time for control or controlling, as all is in constant movement and flux. This is the best time to spend some time alone in order to relax and see things from a more clear perspective. As you spend time alone, meditating or just relaxing your mind, you can observe things from a higher state. In this way, you can choose which of the things circulating in your overwhelming world you need to prioritize and spend energy on. This will save you stress and anxiety, as you gain a greater understanding of what you need to bring more attention to, and what is not that significant at this time, and can be delayed for later on, or released entirely.


Dropping that “E” – and letting GO

As you spend time observing your thoughts, and inner voice, it is good to pay close attention to the messages and signs you receive. It is not about being heard, but how well you hear. Rather than striving to have your own voice heard by more and more people, it is more important to listen to your own inner voice, watch it, and let go of that which is not needed. You may realize certain situations or people in your life, are not contributing to your highest good. It is not a bad thing to let go of the things or people who do not contribute to your highest good.

When you lose the ego – you lose your limits.

Very few people this day realize the significance of letting go of your deepest personal desires. 

We believe we want, we need, or desire. We are controlled by our desires, and haunted by unfulfilled longing

“I need to find a boyfriend/girlfriend”

“I want a new car”

“I need to make more money”

When you release the energy of “wanting” – you will be able to then see, and go after what you truly desire.

Obsessive behavior is never beneficial to fulfilling your true desires. Think of a stalker, who is obsessed with a certain individual. The more energy he projects, the less he will be able to attract the individual they desire. Instead of attracting that desired person, you are more likely to repel him/her and push them away. The feeling of want and need is perpetuated, never satisfied.The main cause of this pushing away is due to bondage to our wanting and needing energy. Our vulnerabilities are like an open wound, exposed and unable to be healed.

The single most important mistake made, is an attempt to bandage this open wound – to fix it, to return it back to standard operating capacity, however this just adds energy to the wanting and needing obsession.

If things you enjoy come your way, enjoy them, however when they are taken away, understand they were never there for you to begin with. They were just there. This is the same with things, ideas, shapes, moments, or any experience – they are not there for you.

Embrace happiness when it comes, but do not suffer the loss.