The illusion of “Me” creates a sense of individualism. Today I will discuss how we keep ourselves in a elusive reality, and the illusion of self.

What is an illusion?

An illusion, is an experience that is not which it seems. Illusions occur within the mind, but nowhere else. We all are experiencing, or have experienced a sense of self. Illusions are spontaneous events generated inside the brain, and while we may think that these events are actual entities, they are not what they seem.

The experience of self, existing only within the brain, and nowhere else, must be an illusion.


Then, what am “I”?

We like to think the sense of our “self” is an integrated individual inhabiting a human body.

The idea of “I” is a conscious awareness of the present moment, but there is also a “Me” that reflects who we are in terms of our past experiences, current events, and future intent. One could say that the “I” and the “Me” are ever changing narratives of an impressionable object. They are the perspective.

Many people are skeptical of the shapes and objects around them, but rarely does one question whether or not themselves are illusions.

Civilized society teaches us that we are all different, individual entities, completely separate from each other. Society has developed a practice of maintaining this idea of individualism. For example, naming a child. You give the child a name, and build their identity, hoping that they will become what you intend for them to become.

The individual is comprised of ideas, and inspiration. The individual is an impressionable object.

Who am I really, then?!

For one to receive the answer to this, one must first answer: Who is asking?

Certainly, your brain, right? No. That’s not me, that’s my brain.

If your “self” is inside your brain, and your brain is not you, then who are you? You are the one watching this self, perceiving it. Your brain thinks it is you, but you know better. You watch your brain think, after all. As a matter of fact, you watch everything your brain takes in. You smell things, taste them, hear them, and see them.

You are awareness, and this sense of “self”, the brain, the body, even every object you’ve sensed, seen, or felt, occurs within you.

Realize that you are what the universe occurs in, and you have found true clarity.