My mind is so full!

Many of us are often plagued by thoughts that spontaneously pop into our heads. Either it keeps us from sleeping, concentrating, meditating, or it keeps us from focusing on something that we feel is important.

Today, I will go over a few personally tested and proven methods of clearing your mind. When the mind is clear – there is more room for truth.

We will go over:

  1. The “Mind Eraser” suppression and distraction technique.
  2. Using mathematics and breathing exercises to clear the mind.
  3. Expanding upon #1 & #2, we will discuss briefly going into a trance to clear the mind.

The Mind Eraser

The mind eraser is my favorite, easier technique to use for clearing the mind. I always do this technique before I meditate, and many times before bed time to help me sleep.

The mind can only think of 1 thing at a time. Test this yourself, and I guarantee you will find that there is never 2 things on your mind at the exact same time. Your mind may be racing, constantly spewing thoughts, however, it is all done one-by-one. For this reason, we can take advantage of the process.

The “Mind Eraser” is a fancy name for staring at a wall. Yep, that’s right! I am writing about staring at a wall! But, this method is number 1 on this list for a reason.

To begin clearing your mind using the “Mind Eraser” technique, follow these steps:

  1. Find a chair or sit on the floor, facing your favorite wall.
  2. Find a single imperfection in the wall.This could be a crack, an indention, or a hole.
  3. Focus your eyes on this single imperfection, studying it.
  4. Begin breathing using a 4-4-4 pattern. This means breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, breathe out through your mouth for four seconds, and repeat.
  5. Keep staring at the wall, repeating this breathing pattern, until your mind has subsided.

Breathing Exercises & Mathematics

Using breathing exercises, you seen above in the “Mind Eraser” technique, just how effective a simple breathing pattern can be. The way this works, is by slowing down your heart rate, effectively calming you down, and slowing down the mind. With a slow mind, it is much easier to control the thought process, and keep it clear.

Many things happen when we follow a breathing pattern:

  • Blood pressure decreases
  • The body’s metabolism decreases
  • We feel more relaxed – stress free
  • Afterwards, breathing will be slower as you are more relaxed
  • But, all of these reasons are just a bonus to having a clear mind.

Mathematics can be very helpful when trying to clear your mind. Remember as a child, your parents telling you to “count sheep until you fall asleep”? This is using mathematics to clear the mind.

I like to combine mathematics and breathing patterns to prepare myself for a trance, which will be covered later on. This is very similar to the Mind Eraser.

Here is my favorite technique using mathematics:

  1. It is important to be sitting, not laying down. Laying down will help you fall asleep, but if you want to meditate, I wouldn’t recommend it.
  2. Begin using a breathing pattern of 4-4-4 just like in the Mind Eraser. (4 seconds in nose, 4 seconds hold breath, 4 seconds breathe out, repeat)
  3. This step will be used if step 2 does not achieve desired results. Count the seconds in individual bursts of breathing. (1 second in * 4, 4 seconds hold, 1 second out * 4)
    Doing this will feel a little bit like hyperventilating, however it is NOT. This is simply just counting the sheep while at the same time using a breathing technique that slows your heart rate, and really relaxes your body.
  4. Doing this exercise, you may find that you can no longer feel your body. You are so relaxed to the point you are almost numb. If this is the case, you might be in, or getting ready to be in a trance.

Going into a deep trance

There are many reasons people would put themselves into a trance. It may be for meditation purposes, to control the subconscious and manipulate it, or to turn your body into an open vessel as some believe.

Going into a trance will take practice and persistence. You may not get it the first time, but if you are reading this, chances are you have got a good chance of becoming a master of the trance.

A trance can be helpful for many things, and clearing the mind is one of them. I will warn you, that many religions view people in a trance-state as open vessels that can be occupied by spirits, good and bad. I will leave that up to you.

To go into a deep trance:

  1. Sit on a bed or upright chair. You will likely fall asleep if you lay down. (no joke)
  2. Begin using a 5-6-5 breathing pattern. (Breathe in through nose for 5 seconds, hold breath for 6 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds) Do not concentrate too hard on keeping a breathing count. Your body will fall into a rhythm that works for you, so trust this.
  3. Imagine you are climbing down a ladder, but it is dark and you cannot see the ladder. Do not visualize the ladder, just feel yourself climbing down the ladder.
  4. Incorporate the ladder into your breathing exercise, climbing down a step on each exhale, and on inhale, remain still on the ladder.
  5. After you are deep into this darkness, and you can feel the ladder as if it were real, let go of the ladder and fall backwards. Keep falling backwards. You may feel dizzy, just focus on the front of your body at this point, and then continue.
    Note: You do not have to use a ladder. What is needed is a mental falling effect to change you to a state of trance.

Keep repeating this until you are in a trance.

A trance feels like: You are in a giant empty space, senses are amplified, any slight noises may even be painful. You can feel the flow of energy in your body, you can hear it humming.
To bring yourself out of the trance:
Concentrate on moving your toes. Then work towards moving the whole foot. Slowly work your way up, reanimating your body, and then go for a short walk around the house or outdoors. I recommend going outdoors, it will improve your whole experience.

Trances essentially shut off the left side of the brain (conscious), allowing the right side to be accessed explicitly (subconscious). In this state, you can train your subconscious. More of this will be covered in my future articles.