Ego is the fall of man. At least that is what we are constantly hearing these days, as Yoga and Spirituality become increasingly popular here in the West. But what exactly is ego? Is it measurable? And if so, how much is too much ego? Is there such thing as a healthy dose of ego?

To me, the meaning of ego has become very simple. The fact of my existence is that there is awareness here. And in that awareness there seems to be a sense of a private inner life cocooned in a private body; in other words a working mind that seems to be dedicated to the survival and fulfillment of the body that houses it. But when I really look, I see that these things are also objects in the awareness that is here. In other words, it does not seem that I am inside looking out, because I can see inside as well; I am aware of inside as well. So I must be beyond them both. So seeing this, my definition for ego has become: to take any shape, any form in the awareness to be myself, whether that be the mind, the body, the dog barking on the corner, the train passing by, or even my job title. Anything that can appear in the awareness that is here, if I take it to somehow be representative of who or what I am, that is ego.

So you see, ego is not some strange, abstract thing. You don’t have to have it operated out of you, or sit in some strange posture for the next thirty years singing songs in your head for it to go away. It is simply a result of confusion of one’s true position.

Remember, you are not just another form amidst the form. You are the Formless which perceives all of it, beyond all of it.

Bask in your eternal magnificence.

~ David.